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October 04 2017

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Sunlight streams through the windows in the concourse at Grand Central Terminal in New York City in 1954.

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what the fuck is going on between poseidon and zeus right now

“Eyes the half of the continent that’s on fire”

Hephaestus can chill too TBH.

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Sometimes the help you need isn’t the help you want. Call 1-800-273-8255 if you’re thinking of suicide.

This comic meant a whole lot to me. It was sincere in its depiction and treated the issue through the eyes of a grounded person. Not some godly hero saying everything is better than it seems, but a person trying his best before bringing her somewhere who can actually help.

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Minotaur is not a species


The Minotaur was named that because he was the son of King Minos. Anyone with a bull head has to be named after their dad, like the Kyletaur or something.

October 03 2017


Some dude: Hey bro you got the time?

Me: Yeah it’s fuckinuuuuuh [pulls a cat out of the inside of my jacket and looks it dead in the eyes] about 6pm

October 02 2017




Man though you know what makes me sorta sad is when nerdy, “quiet” kids latch on to me during camp and they just talk and talk and talk about a thing they’re into (Skyrim, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, dinosaurs, whatever). And I see the kids just light up when they say something and I can chime in with an ‘oh hey, are you talking about [x]? I love that thing! Tell me more about it.’

Like, their parents will warn me ‘so-and-so is pretty quiet and hard to engage’ but no, man, just listen, your kid is so smart and so into This Thing, they’ll engage like fuck and talk your damn ear off it you let them. Frame it in their damn terms. Or! Just! Listen to them about their Thing! And they will engage with the rest of the material! Because they know you care about them! Amazing!!!

Quiet kids are usually that way because either no one listens, or there is always someone more dominant speaking wise in their group that always talks over them and then they give up. Some quiet kids are starved for attention and really really want to talk, but don’t always get the chance to

Everyone who reblogged this are good people. Bless you, this made me happy to read

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Can we get a name???

This is Chinese artist, Luo Li Rong

Here’s a snippet about her from this article (that also features more photographs of her work, including this sculpture):

Rong has pursued sculpting since an early age. She studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, then under the tutelage of sculptor Wang Du, and later she “immersed herself” in figurative sculpture techniques used by European artists in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Their sense of femininity plays a defining role in Rong’s contemporary works, and the stylistic guidelines help carry on the tradition of realistic sculptures in art.

October 01 2017

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14.08.17 - 11p.m.

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It happened again. I thought it was behind me, but the dreams came back. I was up all night. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, it haunts me. I forgot about it for years but then I remembered that… ‘Avatar’, the giant international blockbuster used the ‘papyrus’ font as its logo…

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Everyone: Omg Clint, stop falling off things

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The suit is holding a supposed glass because Tony is holding one. 
‘The suit and I are one.’  Are they literally going to this direction now 👀

so when the suit does that weird hand gesture, it’s actually just Tony gesturing he will have one drink:



It’s Halloween 1st bitches!!!!!!!



non native english speaker culture is constantly switching between british and american spelling and writing words however you prefer without caring about consistency and you dont really always know which is which anyway

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September 30 2017



What was it you were hoping I’d bring to the table - quiet obedience? No. I bring the storm, I bring chaos and your imminent destruction. You made a mistake.

Greg can’t we just have a normal dinner for once
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